Futuristic Security Council is a futuristic simulation of the United Nations Security Council. The main purpose of this Council is to maintain international security and peace. It is composed of 15 members; 5 permanent members that are referred as the P5 nations and 10 non-permanent members that are elected every two years. 

The UNSC was founded in 1946 ,following the end of World War II as a revised version of the League of Nations, which failed to preserve global peace. The Security Council struggles to end all conflict through peaceful means; however, it is the only UN body with the authority to take military action and it is is the only council that can force a nation to take an action. All member states of the United Nations must accept the decisions made by the Security Council. 

The United Nations Futuristic Security Council (FUNSC) is the same thing as the Security Council; however, instead of debating current disputes, the FUNSC debates issues in accordance to scenario created by Academic Team. Future members of council will be determined by the Secretariat.

Agenda Item: Open Agenda

Under Secretary General: Barış Sarıahmet

Academic Assistant: Özge Layla Yediçam