ACUMUN presents the most insidious and intrusive of the committees: COINTELPRO!

The Counter Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) was a secret subdivision of the Federal

Bureau of Investigation (FBI) from 1950 to 1971. It used illegal methods such as

disinformation, violence, and menace to control or silence people. Many different groups

were subject to COINTELPRO’s actions. While some of these groups were seen as

malevolent organizations by public, some were not, and on the contrary had the support of

many people; in any case, FBI’s way of handling the issues was found by no means legal or

acceptable when COINTELPRO was exposed in 1971, and this led to a major public outcry.

Set in the mid-1900s USA, this committee will be dealing with the many different social

and political movements of the day ranging from the Ku Klux Klan to Black Panthers to the

Socialist Workers Party, by trying to hamper with their efforts and decrease their power on

the society and the government. Secret agents and prominent FBI officials will be carrying out

plots against important public figures while also shaping public opinion for their benefit. This

is a delicate job that only the most meticulous will survive. Join the team if you dare!


Agenda Item: Open Agenda

Responsible Academic Team Members:

Aleyna Bakar

Yağmur Karataş

Şira Gürbüz