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Want to inspire all of the committee with your speech? Do you believe in your resolution writing skills? Do you want to deal with limitless amount of crisis at the same time? This position fits you best! Apply to be a delegate in one of our well-organized qualified committees!


Everything is more enjoyable with our friends. Representing your school together is even more! Apply as a delegation and experience the most diplomatic and outstanding committees in MUN community together!



Are you an experienced MUNer? Do you believe in your leadership skills and your knowledge upon Rules of Procedure? If yes, do not miss the chance to apply as a committee director in one of our committees!




Do you want to be an indispensable part of the Organization Team? Do you want to represent your team within the sessions? If you would like to be one of the most hard-working members of Organization Team, here is a chance for you! Apply as an administrative staff, namely Human Resources!



Do you have a camera? Can't live without taking photos? Has an important ability to capture the most enjoyable and exciting moments throughout the conference? Here is a great chance of being a part of ACUMUN Press Team!




Do you have creative ideas for shooting a video that everybody is looking forward to watching? Do you have a talent on creating attractive and original videos? Get ready for keeping up with "Mor Press", Director of Press Team! Apply now to be a videographer!




Distinguished participants and my future family members,

I, as the Presidents of Acıbadem University Model United Nations Club and Acıbadem University Model United Nations Conference 2020, would like to welcome you all to the very first session of ACUMUN which will be held on 17-20 January 2020. It is more than an honor for me to be able to lead such a precious and professional team under the umbrella of newly-established ACUMUNC as, with its unprecedented campus and well-qualified members, it will be one of the most important entities in MUN community.

In this conference, we prepared highly special committees with very specific procedures which are gathered from not only United Nations bodies but also other governmental bodies. Before stating several details upon our committees, I would like to proudly mention Midnight Crisis system which was simulated by me and my crisis team for the first time in Turkey and spread throughout other conferences. Since our first application of this unique procedure in HPALMUN, we have been supervising the ways to implement it in a better way and hopefully, you will have the chance to experience it. Starting from our committees, we have SOCHUM from our previous conference as being the most demanded committee within our application process. Our committees are all in Harvard Rules of Procedure so you can really experience a high-level academic quality even if it is commonly suggested to beginners and intermediate delegates. What is more, we have expert committee on child rights which is a common and remarkable subject lately, considering latest news upon numerous violations. Apart from them, we have security-based committees with cabinets, councils, secret FBI missions, futuristic councils and of course, world wars. Although it is really hard to define every single of them as having complicated Rules of Procedures, you should believe me on that it will not even resemble to any of your previous experiences. Operations will be more detailed, this simulation would not be separated from its real version, so please check the real functions of your committees before coming to our conference. One more difference from your other experiences, -if you have experienced my crisis committees before when I was an USG, you would definitely know this- you will be experiencing really intense crisis committee with significant number of updates and outcomes of your actions. You will be in need of tackling every single issue detailedly and also simultaneously with other issues. It might seem like it will be hard, yes but, you will be enjoying the themes very much that you would not like to leave this conference on 20th January.

Apart from the context of the committees, whole committees will be directed in accordance to Harvard Rules of Procedure which is more delegate-centered version that allows the members of the committees to firstly discuss the content of possible resolutions and than write it jointly. Other crisis committees would have several additional procedures that are specific to committee structure. Summing up, we are preparing a conference with the best academic and organizational quality. We will have numerous surprises for you within the conference process.

Do not forget, we are Acıbadem, it is your place, it is where we unite the worlds.

I am really excited to see you all in the Conference.

Yours sincerely,


President of ACUMUNC and ACUMUN 20’


Kayışdağı Caddesi No:32, 34752
Ataşehir / İstanbul


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